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“Debra has a voice which beautifully combines Celtic and Appalachian sensibilities…deeply satisfying, lyrical and musically elegant.”
– Rosanne Cash, Singer and Songwriter

Live Music Is BACK!

Some live shows happening, finally!!

The Sea and Maritime Bandwagon

As we were a-sailing….Debra has bundled a few of her “Women and the Sea” songs together and they are now available in one release.

Magnets! Magnets!

Black Friday and Beyond Sale!!

We Got A Grant!!!

We Got It!!!

You Can help!

Suggestions so that you can help your favorite INDY musicians through these times.

Help Me Celebrate Dave Mattacks’s Birthday!

March 13 is Dave “DM” Mattacks’s Birthday! I am celebrating this occasion by offering up a bundle of two CDs. Read on….

On the calendar

Calendar update coming soon!

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