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Online Event With Anne Lister, 15 November

Photo by Artie Craftie Blaenavon

“Nevertheless, She Persisted” Zoom online event

15 November 2021, 3 PM EDT, 8 PM UK time

Way back in the 1980’s, someone gave me a live recording of June Tabor and Martin Simpson. At one point, Martin did a solo song called “Icarus”, a wonderful song based on the myth about a boy who fashions wings, takes flight, but flies too near to the sun. It’s a wonderful song with a beautiful tune and lovely imagery. It wasn’t until years later, that I learned that the song’s composer is celebrated UK singer, songwriter and author Anne Lister.

Over the years, Anne and I would encounter one another via various mutual friends and more recently on social media. In one of our chats, we hit upon the idea of doing a joint online event and I am very pleased to announce that this will be happening.

“Nevertheless, She Persisted!” will focus on songs and stories about women and will be on the Zoom platform (link given closer to the time) and we’ll begin at 3 PM EDT, 8 PM UK time.

More Information about Anne:

Anne Lister writes songs, sings them, and tells stories, and has been doing so for most of her life. Best known for her songs “Icarus”, “Demeter’s Daughter”, “Stone Circles”, “Moth”, and “The Quiet People”, all of which have been taken around the world by a wide range of other performers on the folk music circuit, but Anne is an established solo performer in her own right who also toured for some years with Mary McLaughlin as Anonyma.  In more recent times Anne has completed a PhD, researching The Tale of Jaufre, a 13th century story of King Arthur and telling this story for the first time in English to a wide range of audiences. 

You can view some videos of Anne in performance and hear some of her songs on her YouTube channel

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