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Live Music Is BACK!

I know that I haven’t had a post here since January. All the usual excuses apply, but I’ll say this: the pandemic kicked my butt; thankfully, I never got sick, but emotionally it was a real downer. Juggling my gratitude for all the luck that we did experience (health, continued financial security) and looking around and seeing so many others that were not as lucky was difficult emotionally. Also, not being able to travel to do what I love and seeing all my dear friends all over the world not doing so well, was hard. Really hard.

After everything being canceled due to Covid-19 (and we may not be totally out of the woods yet!) I have booked a few live shows and would love to do more.


Two Live Shows in July (New England Only)

I have been spending time getting to know my guitar again and I have also been investigating new songs to learn. I have made a list of about twelve traditional songs and at some point I would like to go back into the studio to make another recording. In the meantime, I need to practice, practice, practice!


July 17th, Lakeview House Concerts

It’ll be great to be back in Sharon, Massachusetts at Barry and Jenna Kasindorf’s Lakeview House Concerts. Barry started this series many years ago when he and his late wife, Debbie lived in Franklin, MA. I think there might have been a brief run somewhere near Cape Cod, but more recently Barry and Jenna have settled in Sharon, renovated their house to provide a fantastic new and larger space and have continued presenting artists from all over the country.

As always with house concerts, reservations are required to attend and you must be fully vaccinated.


July 22nd, John Davidson’s Club Sandwich

I am really excited about this particular performance. I’ll be appearing at a brand new venue in NewHampshire, John Davidson’s Club Sandwich. Yes, THAT John Davidson who I recall from theĀ 70s, possibly the 60s as a singer, actor and who could also be seen making the late night talk-show circuit. This is a brand new venue and if you know any folks in New Hampshire or Southern Maine, please let them know about it. In looking at the line-up, I am humbled to be in some very esteemed company.


Keep an eye on the calendar as more performances will be added as they are booked. I am starting to entertain the idea of traveling a bit further than New England. If you are interested in hosting an event later this year or if you know of anyone that might be interested, please contact me.


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