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Debra wears all the hats at Muzzy House Music: she is the publicist, booking agent, tour manager, trip planner, travel agent, merchandise director, shipping clerk and house cleaner and Professional Houseguest. Did we forget anything? Hmmm…oh yes! She is also the musician!

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UPDATE: Debra’s email has been “phished” meaning that it is being used by some folks to try to get you to click on a link or something to that effect. Due to this, Debra is no longer listing her email address on the website but is asking that you use the form below to make contact. To make sure that any contact she has with you gets through, please put her on your email whitelist. Thank you.

Please use contact form below
Phone: +1 (508) 662-9746

Please do not use social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter or others to contact Debra.

If you need to send something to Debra via regular ol’ mail, please send her an email, call the number above or contact her via the form below.

To enquire about booking John Roberts and Debra Cowan together, use above information

Available for concerts, festivals, schools, workshops,
inspirational services, libraries and museums

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