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Greening the Dark

“I knew it was good…upgraded to superb…and have settled on mini-masterpiece. This has got to be Debra’s finest work to date.”

-Nigel Schofield, Music Journalist, United Kingdom

“Deb has a strong, old-school folk singer voice. It’s a perfect match for story songs. Dave Mattacks has crafted arrangements that add a little flourish and shine to go with Deb’s voice. They compliment each other nicely.”

-Perry Persoff, WUMB Radio, Boston MA

Named “CD of the Week”  October 12, 2019 by Rich Warren, Host of WFMT’s “The Midnight Special”


Order the CD from Debra

$15 plus $3 for shipping to the continental USA (please enquire about postage to Alaska and Hawaii). All orders outside the USA are $15 USD plus $15 shipping. Please allow at least a week for USA delivery and up to two weeks internationally. Debra would be happy to sign your CD as well BUT, I won’t sign it unless you ask.


MP3 digital download

Full album, graphics and  lyrics are included. At this time, all digital downloads are now available through , CDBaby and iTunes. Click on the link in the player below to purchase your download from Bandcamp.

“Greening the Dark” comes from a line from the Lal Waterson composition, “Anna Dixie” and is Debra Cowan’s newest recording in her second collaboration with Dave “DM” Mattacks as arranger and producer. In addition, there are four other composed songs and one traditional. Each song tells a unique story about change, loss, tragedy, and empowerment. As with their first collaboration, “Fond Desire Farewell”, Dave and Debra have once again chosen strong songs complete with rich lyrics and music by some of folk music’s brightest and best songwriters. Through Dave’s exquisite arrangements, Debra’s vocals are surrounded in settings that enhance the musical journey that unfolds in each note and lyric.

They have brought back a few old friends: Duke Levine, Joyce Andersen, Mike Barry, John Roberts, Billy Novick and included some new ones: Richard Gates, Tom Palance and Bob Nieske. Aside from his role as arranger/producer, Dave Mattacks also contributes percussion, cymbals and keyboards to each song.

Technical assistance was expertly provided by Mike Barry at Babyland Studio, Sean Cahalin at Q Division Studios, Huck Bennert doing the final mixes and Mark Donahue mastering at Sound Mirror. CDs manufactured by Crooked Cove CD Manufacturing  led by Charlie Gaylord. 

Dave introduced Debra to photographer Lisa Deupree who offered to do the graphic design. That is her photo on the cover and she exceeded all expectations in putting together a CD package that compliments the music inside.

“Greening the Dark” was recorded using an American Federation of Musicians Recording Agreement with union musicians and is registered with the AFM Electronic Media Services division.