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New Videos!

Four videos from a Roberts and Cowan Old Songs concert from May 13, 2016


St. Brendan’s Fair Isle (J. Driftwood)

Debra performs “St. Brendan’s Fair Isle” in London, Feb 2013

“Tired O’ Workin’ (Mary Brooksbank/Jim Reid)

A video of a performance at Cecil Sharp House in London, February 23, 2013. Video by Peter Simmonds.

Voyage Air travel guitar

Debra’s travel guitar

Songwriter’s Notebook host Rik Palieri interviews Debra about her unique travel guitar made by Voyage Air.

My Boy Jack

My Boy Jack

Debra Cowan performs a medley of “My Boy Jack”, (words by Rudyard Kipling, music by Peter Bellamy) and “Widowmaker” (words and music by John Conolly) from the TV show “Studio Session Live”. Filmed in November 2006 in Hopkinton, MA.

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