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Due to US Post Office international shipping costs, it now costs an additional $15 to ship outside the USA. If you reside outside the USA and would like to purchase music, digital downloads are now available. 

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All Five For $25! (digital download bundle)
All Five For $25! (digital download bundle)
Excludes 2019 EP "Greening the Dark"
Price: $25.00
Greening the Dark
Debra Cowan's second collaboration with Dave "DM" Mattacks as arranger/producer contains six songs, five composed and one traditional. Each song tells a unique story about change, loss, tragedy, and empowerment embedded in settings unique to each song. Composers include Emily Portman, Richard Thompson, John Tams, Lester Simpson and the late Lal Waterson.
Price: $15.00
Ballads Long & Short CD -John Roberts and Debra Cowan
Born out of a performing collaboration of several years, Ballads Long & Short contains 14 songs, eleven traditional and 3 composed. From the deadly serious to just downright silly, you will agree that they are the best of every sort.
Price: $15.00

Twa Corbies

Bold Riley

Among Friends (2012)
“Among Friends” is a live recording of a performance Debra gave at the Bacca Pipes Folk Club, Keighley, W. Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Recorded live by Mike Hockenhull, this CD consists of 11 songs, some with Debra singing unaccompanied and some with her own guitar accompaniment.
Price: $15.00

Good Fish Chowder

One More Before We Go

Fond Desire Farewell (2009)
Released in 2009, this recording was arranged and produced by Dave Mattacks, best known for his work with the English folk-rock band Fairport Convention.
Price: $15.00

Ruins By The Shore


Dad's Dinner Pail (2005)
Eleven songs from the Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad and Song Collection in which Debra’s heartfelt vocal performances breathes new life into songs and ballads that have been sung for generations. Release date: 2005.
Price: $15.00

Walloping Window Blind

Fearless In The Fire


The Long Grey Line (2001)
Released in 2001, this is Debra's first solo CD. Consisting of 13 songs, ten traditional and 3 composed, this beautiful recording has been a favorite of Debra's fans over the years.
Price: $15.00

Bold Archer

Darlin’ Corey


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