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Live and Online Concert: 5 Nov. 2022

In Memory of Juel Ulven

On Saturday, November 5, I’ll be participating in a live concert remembering Juel Ulven, the force behind the Fox Valley Folklore and Storytelling Society and its festival that occurred every Labor Day weekend since 1977. The concert is sponsored by the Fox Valley Folklore Society, WFMT Radio Folkstage hosted by Rich Warren and hosted by Acoustic Renaissance Concerts.


CLICK THIS LINK to purchase tickets for the live in person concert

CLICK THIS LINK to watch the live stream of the concert online

CLICK THIS LINK to make a donation to support the performers

You can listen to Folkstage on WFMT 98.7  Chicago – Only the 8:00-9:00 pm hour will be broadcast LIVE on WFMT (audio only).

My History With Juel and Fox Valley

I met Juel when he hired me for the 2009 Festival. It would be my first appearance there and I was looking forward to this event having heard some great things about the festival and Juel. As it happened, John Roberts was also booked at the festival and you can read more about how their separate bookings at Fox Valley led to their 11 year musical partnership.

Thanks, Juel.



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