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December’s Newsletter Is Here!

December 2019

Lots of fantastic news here for December and 2020 is looking pretty good with lots of touring and perhaps some recorded live performances form 2019. Here’s the latest:


I am very pleased that “Greening the Dark” landed at #1 on the Folk DJ Top Albums of the Month for October 2019! Not only that, but we secured the top three song positions with “Old Changing Way” at #1, “Scarecrow” at #2 and “Bones and Feathers” at #3.


We still managed to keep a spot in the top ten with “Polly On the Shore” at #7. I know it ain’t exactly Billboard or Rolling Stone, but it does me proud, nevertheless.







Not only was it wonderful to gain the #1 spot on the Folk DJ Charts, but I also was informed that I am featured prominently in an interview that Dave “DM” Mattacks gave to Living Tradition Magazine. Not only does the interview cover much of DM’s 50-year musical history, beginning with Fairport Convention, but digs pretty deeply into the creative process that he and I have developed over the last 12 years when we embark on a studio project. Due to restrictions, I cannot post the article, but trust me, it’s there.

(Hint hint: if you join me on Patreon, you *can* read the article)


Reviews And Nice Words

The reviews have been coming in regarding “Greening the Dark” and here is just a sampling:


Only One Place To Purchase “Greening the Dark”

Music makes great gifts for the holidays and you can get yours done early. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE E-STORE


Anyone who purchases a CD copy of “Greening the Dark” from me will receive a free CD copy of “Dad’s Dinner Pail”, my 2005 release of songs from the Helen Hartness Flanders Collection.


If you decide to purchase digital downloads, good for you! You’ll not only be helping to eliminate the traffic issues that home delivery causes, but you’ll also be saving yourselves some money.


Here is a picture of Hazel in her Christmas hat. Even at the ripe old age (for a kitty) of 15 years, she doesn’t seem to mind the indignity that gets thrust upon her every so often. I tried to put the hat on Haku, but he was having none of it.

I do hope that everyone has a very happy holiday season and for those of us in the USA, we’ll be joining the rest of the country on that marathon eating extravaganza, aka Thanksgiving.

As always, please keep in touch.


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