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November’s Newsletter


October was a very busy month here at Muzzy House Music. Lots of traveling to talk to quite a few DJs on the ol’ wireless radio. I’ve had some great chats in New Jersey, the NY Catskills, Connecticut and some phone-ins to Canada and even all the way over in Germany!
The photo at left was taken on Sunday, October 27 when I paid a visit to New Hampshire Public radio to sit down with Kate McNally on “The Folk Show” click on the link above to hear the show.



Join Me On Patreon!

I am so grateful to the folks who support me on Patreon. Many of them were given access to exclusive video and audio of the studio sessions when we were creating “Greening the Dark” I also love giving out gifts to my Patrons.

Patreon Special!! For the entire month of November all NEW Patrons will receive a special thank you in the mail AND a fridge magnet with the “Among Friends” artwork for joining at ANY tier except the $1 tier.

“Debra Cowan creates and performs wonderful music that makes the hard times in my life easier, and the good times better. That is what I think music is for, and by supporting Debra on Patreon I get to both give back AND help to share her with everyone else!”  -Buffie Groves, Patron Since April 2018

Patreon also allows me to have additional monthly income. This really comes in handy when performance opportunities are not abundant and this income goes a long way in helping me to meet expenses that I incur in doing what I love. Since starting my Patreon campaign I have been able to:
-Hire a publicist to help me promote “Greening the Dark”
-Purchase more “Ballads Long & Short” CDs when I ran out
-Create the “Cocktail du Jour” Video. You can see it here

I do hope that you will consider joining me on Patreon.


Upcoming Shows and Tours

I haven’t got the 2020 schedule up yet, but there are many dates that are wide open. Coming up this month, I’ll be back on the road with John Roberts on the weekend of November 8-10 with appearances in Beacon, NY, State College, PA and Binghamton, NY. You can check the calendar to the right of this post —–>

UK Tours in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

I’ll also be returning to the UK after an extended absence in the Autumn of 2020 and late Spring 2021. If you would like to see me at a folk club or other venue near you, let the organisers know and let me know.

John Roberts News

John has got some wonderful news and I thought I’d share it. First off, he and Tony Barrand just celebrated 50 years of performing together in a magical concert in Brattleboro, VT in September. Also, the quartet that John has been a part of for decades, Nowell Sing We Clear has just released a beautiful songbook and will celebrate with a very special concert in Brattleboro, VT on December 16.

You can get in touch with John and also find out what he is up to at his website,

CDs Make Great Gifts!

Music makes great gifts for the holidays and you can get yours done early. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE E-STORE

Anyone who purchases “Greening the Dark” from me will receive a free CD copy of “Dad’s Dinner Pail”, my 2005 release of songs from the Helen Hartness Flanders Collection.






As always, I love hearing from you and I don’t forget to move your clocks back on Nov. 2 if you are in the USA. Europe has already accomplished this.


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