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Happy Birthday To Me! (Aug. 15th)

To celebrate my birthday tomorrow (August 15th) I am launching a Patreon Special Offer!

Become a Patron!



From now until August 30th, you will get an exclusive gift of a special refrigerator¬† magnet when you join me on Patreon at the $12 per month tier or above. This magnet has the cover art from my newest EP, “Greening the Dark”. You will also receive all the benefits of that tier, but the magnet is only available until August 30th.

The cover has received many compliments and I credit this lovely artwork to photographer and designer, Lisa Deupree. You can see more of her photos on Lisa’s Instagram profile.


Why Patreon?

I made the decision to join Patreon in April 2018 after seeing several of my creative friends use it to their advantage. I was impressed with the Patreon pages of¬† Katherine Souter-Caddick¬†, Steve Eulberg and a few others and after a lot of research, I made my decision. I enjoy sharing my creative process with people and it’s been fun to upload audio and video of my studio sessions, performances and in a couple of cases, spontaneous singing that is seen in some cases only by my Patrons. In other cases, my Patrons are the very first to receive news before the general public. Patreon allows me to do this.


Patreon also gives me the ability to have a personal relationship with individuals, something I have always loved and something I consider to be very important. It’s humbling to know that there are folks out there who believe in me enough that they are willing to financially join me on this musical journey that I have chosen. In addition, having folks pay monthly holds me accountable for my goals. In fact, as of January 14th, I reached my first Milestone Goal. This means that I will now be creating a slideshow AND clean up my office. Let’s see if I can achieve that by the time the special offer ends.

Please consider joining me in creating Folk Song Experiences on Patreon.



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