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This One Is Personal

The fires in Northern California have hit very close to home. I know of two people who have lost everything and one is very personal.

Charles and Mary Poeck hosted a house concert for me a few years ago in their home in Napa, CA. Their son, Tony is married to Abby, the daughter of one of my closest friends. Over the years, I have watched Abby grow to become an amazing woman, wife, mother and artist. It was through Abby and Tony that I got to know Charles and Mary.

Tony has set up a GoFundMe site to help Charles and Mary take care of some of the financial issues they will face in the loss of everything they owned.

I realise that between Houston, Florida, Las Vegas and Puerto Rico there are so many folks in need and wallet contents only go so far. If you can find a few dollars to spare to help these wonderful folks out, I’d appreciate it.

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