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Bullard Photos at the Worcester Art Museum

William Bullard, Photographer. James & Jennie Johnson Family, 1894-1918; printed 2016

This afternoon the husband and I made the short journey to the Worcester Art Museum to view an amazing exhibit,  “Rediscovering an American Community of Color: The Photographs of William Bullard” 

William Bullard was an itinerant photographer who lived near Worcester, MA and documented much of Worcester life from the 1880’s until his death in 1918. He left behind 5,400 glass negatives and within that collection were many portraits of African Americans, many who had been enslaved in the south and had migrated north. He also took portraits of Native Americans, mostly of the Naragansett and Nipmuc tribes who had made their way to Worcester, specifically the Beaver Brook neighborhood.

I encourage anyone within striking distance of Worcester to see this wonderful exhibit of photographs, many of which were never printed until 2016. The exhibit runs until February 25, 2018.

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