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Debra on Radio Crystal Blue Podcast 9/25

clay radioEvery Wednesday this really cool guy in Philadelphia named Dan Herman uploads a podcast called Radio Crystal Blue.  This is a freeform internet radio show that Dan puts on because he loves the music. I am extremely honored and flattered that he chooses to air a track of mine every once in a while.  Independent DJs get hundreds of music submissions every week and I am sure that Dan is no exception, so when he chooses to play a Debra Cowan track on Radio Crystal Blue, I am especially grateful. It’s because of folks like Dan herman that musicians such as myself get airplay anywhere.

But more importantly, Dan is needing a bit of cash to keep this 13 year old free-form endeavour going. I do hope you will wander over to his website (the link is above and also on my links page) and donate a bit of something.

Please donate to keep the music going. Here’s the LINK AGAIN.

Do it for the music.

Here’s how to listen:

1: FeedPlayer: This player is generated by Flash. If you have Flash in your browser, surf over to, find the home or archive pages and click the pop-up link. The player gives the listener numerous options to stream, download and share the audio, as well as the player itself. If you don’t have Flash, you can get this at


2: You can also access the podcast distributor, Big Contact, which renders the FeedPlayer as a Web page:

Typically Dan records the shows on Tuesdays, and make them available at some point on Wednesday.

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