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July 2013 Newsletter

July 2013

Daves4First off I want to give a shout out to my car mechanic, Jeff Boucher at Dave’s Four Cylinder in Westborough, MA. Jeff has been taking care of my cars since I moved to Central Massachusetts in 1999. He was able to give my poor old Maroon Unit (1987 Subaru wagon) an extra three years and when she wasn’t able to go any farther, he recommended that I get a Nissan Sentra. He and his car-elves have been taking care of that car for 154,000 miles and 11 years. BTW-there is no Dave. It’s a long story and you can read about it at the Car Talk Website Mechanics Files

The Standing “O” Project

This is a new way to support the artists and musicians whose music you enjoy. As posted in my blog last month, I have joined the Standing “O” Project. You can subscribe for as little as $5 a month and the best bit is that any money that you put into the virtual tip jar, the artist gets to keep half! Find out more HERE

Festivals: Mystic Sea Music and Old Songs


Mystic Seaport’s 34th annual Sea Music Festival was one of the best I have been involved in. It was great to see so many old friends (way too many to name) and to meet new ones. I think that my favorite workshop was the Bawdy Songs Workshop with Jerry Bryant, Jennifer Cutting, Stephen Winick and Marc Bernier, who made a cameo appearance. The Sea Music Festival always takes place the second weekend in June and if you get a chance to attend it should definitely be on your calendar.


OldSongs 2013I got a chance to attend the Old Songs Festival as a guest of my good friends, singer and Irish flautist (flutist?) Maggie Boyle and Paul Downes. It was nice to be able to listen to the different musicians without having to run around trying to be somewhere on time. I was also asked by my friends Danny Spooner and Joe Jencks to sing harmonies with them in a couple of workshops. At left is Danny, John Roberts and myself singing on Graham Moore’s “Tolpuddle Man”. Look for this song in future sets. Who should YOU check out? Sheesham and Lotus, Mist Covered Mountain, Dave Ruch, my old friend Jeff Davis, Archie Fisher and Gordon Bok Or just click on the link .


The Never-Ending Quest to Fill Tour Dates

Pacific Northwest- At the end of September, I’ll be back in the Pacific Northwest with confirmed dates in Seattle (9/28), Lacey, WA (10/1) and Portland, OR (10/5). Unfortunately, the performance at Peninsula Arts Center in Long Beach, WA was canceled and I would love to be able to fill that date. If you know anyone that might be interested in hosting a house concert around those locations, please contact me. I do have to stay outside a 30-mile radius of Seattle, though in keeping with my obligations to the Seattle Folklore Society.

Northern California- In November, John Roberts and I are off to Califor-ni-o, the Northern bit that is. We have confirmed concerts in Davis (11/15) and in San Francisco (11/16). If you think that you might be able to help out please contact me.

UK 2014 Late March-Early April- I could certainly use some help filling in dates between gigs. Please contact Debra for schedule to see if your ideas would fit in with the tour.

Another Gift For YOU!

I love being able to give YOU, my loyal email subscribers discounts on music. Last month’s was quite successful, so I thought I’d do it again.

From now until midnight EST, July 13, 2013 (the day the new sofa arrives), you can download the entire “Dad’s Dinner Pail” CD and graphics for only $1.99, or more if you wish! BUY NOW!

That’s all for now. I do hope that everyone has a safe and happy summer. As always, I love to hear from folks so keep in touch!


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