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“Cowan is a clear-voiced singer who presents songs with affection and feeling.” Dirty Linen Magazine

“Such is Cowan’s musical net that it can encompass various musical styles and traditions, from English singer/songwriter Richard Thompson to traditional whaling songs, to bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley, all done so skillfully that you beg to hear more” N.Y. Pinewoods Folk Music Club

“Accompanied or unaccompanied, she presents a song with exceptional story-telling skills and a keen understanding of traditional music that is rare among her contemporaries.” Sandy and Caroline Paton, Folk-Legacy Records

“Refreshing. It is fun how Cowan involves her audience in her songs. She jokes between them and explains where the music comes from, which is good for newcomers to the folk scene. Her range is also incredible and her acappella interpretations are seamless I was truly impressed and as a newcomer to the scene, I have been inspired to seek more folk music. Thank you so much for that. It is truly a gift what she gives her audience.” Elaine de Valle, The Miami Herald

“Debra Cowan posesses that special talent which can make the old songs live again.  And though it is apparent she approaches her material with careful thought, what the audience hears is the raw power of a sea song or the sensitive beauty of a Child ballad. Her choice of material, arrangements and performance is second to none.” Alan and Helene Korolenko, Greater New Bedford Summerfest Folk Festival

“What a revelation is Ms. Cowan. Her voice, her taste, her presentation are balming to the soul” Philadelphia Folksong Society

“She was the meanest teacher in the school!” Former junior high math student

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