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Last week I was in the studio watching a Master at work. I’ve spoken before about Dave “DM” Mattacks with whom I have had the honor and pleasure to have worked with in the last ten years. He produced and did all the musical arrangements for my third recording Fond Desire Farewell and of course added all kinds of percussion to the songs. That is what he is known for and he has been hailed as one of the greatest drummers in world.

I am working on another recording and I again asked Dave to arrange and produce. On the last recording, I wasn’t really involved in many of the studio sessions in which I was not singing, but on this recording, I have asked to be present, mainly so I can observe and be a part of the process.

Watching Dave set up his drums, prepare to track and then doing a number of takes to make sure he got what he was aiming for was quite the experience. DM’s drumming approach is always used to enhance the song and to help the singer tell a story. I also learned a bit of “drum tech” when he explained why he used certain cymbals, snares or other tools of his trade. I encourage you to do a YouTube search for Dave and take a look at all the bands he has been involved with.

Here is a song from “Fond Desire Farewell” in which the drums play an important role. Enjoy.

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