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In the Hills of Shiloh

Yesterday, I received a message from Liz Myers, the niece of the late Shel Silverstein and involved in the Shel Silverstein Archives in Chicago. She said that they are collecting versions of every song of Shel’s recorded and they are missing only forty out of 6000. One of those is a version of “In the Hills of Shiloh” that I recorded with David Cowan on our CD “A Dram For the Singer”. Here it is, dusted off and is now on it’s way to Chicago.

The cover gives me some bittersweet memories: the photo was taken in Duffy’s in Chico, CA and some of the folks in the photo, notably John LaPado are no longer with us. I’ll try to tag some folks. Phil Quinn (who designed the graphics), John Peters (who recorded and engineered the project), Orion Harbour, Michael Cannon, Ed Livingston,Dan McLaughlin, Doug Dinnell, Dennis Partington, Matthew Clark, Greg Taylor, Ely Meyer, Jean Blacksten, Cathy Brooks, Corrine Mugley, Erica Chapman, Kory Goetzman.


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