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I’m involved in a very exciting project.  The Standing “O” Project website is a place where musicians and fans gather for a different kind of musical experience.

Artists bring their music, fans bring their support and Standing ‘O’ bring hundreds of hours of rare interviews from Art of the Song Creativity Radio.  The Standing “O” Project does what your radio station used to be so good at: offering surprises and rich content that can change your day. And here’s the best part: the fans who support The Standing “O” Project are also supporting the musicians who make it possible. Independent artists share in the membership contributions, providing a revenue stream to help them continue creating music.

You can check it out now with a 10 day, no credit card required free trial or sign up for a fan subscription. If you use THIS LINK and sign up, you’ll automatically be registered as my fan.

Questions? Feel free to ask the good folks at Standing ‘O’:

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