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Happy Birthday, Dave Mattacks!


Dave Mattacks Photo by Bob Campbell

Sometimes, the decisions one makes leads to some incredibly unpredictable results. Ten years ago, I was looking for a producer for my third CD and was going through possible candidates. Somehow, the name Dave Mattacks (DM) crossed my path (thank you Jon Shain) and the more I thought about the possibility of working with this much-admired musician, the more inviting was the prospect.



Of course I knew who he was; a world-class drummer who has worked with some of the biggest FDF_cover2names in music. But was he a producer? There was no other way but to just ask, so I went to his website, found an email address and sent a note. He responded and in the next two years we worked together to produce my third CD, “Fond Desire Farewell”

Working with DM was a lesson in exactly how a recording should be produced. Dave has over 40 years of experience in the recording business and has worked with some of the best and brightest, including the late Sir George Martin. He was ever the professional and believed in my ability to get the job done. My trust in him with arrangements and all the nuts and bolts of turning in a recording became 100%. He also introduced me to a recording engineer, Mike Barry who is now my go-to guy whenever I need studio time.

Happy Birthday, DM! Cold-calling you that summer day in 2006 was the best thing I ever did and I think we are both very glad and proud of the results. Here’s Ray Davies’s “Alcohol” from “Fond Desire Farewell.



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