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“Debra is an emotionally powerful performer; just close your eyes and one of her ballads comes alive.”
Dave Palmater, WUMB 91.9 FM, Boston, MA


John Roberts Could Use Our help

My Buddy John Roberts could use some help after losing lots of work due to medical issues. Please help if you can!



John Roberts has had to cancel performances at the end of February, but Debra has brought in some worthy substitutes!



In honor of last night’s moon a video of John Roberts and myself singing “Sir Patrick Spens”


In the UK? Free Shipping!

For the next 24 hours, Debra is offering FREE SHIPPING of CDs to anywhere in the United Kingdom.


Home For the Holidays, This Sat, Dec. 12, 4 PM EST

Join me for a very special online concert December 12 at 4 PM EST

San Bernadino, CO Springs, Charleston, Sandy Hook

San Bernadino, Colorado Springs, Charleston, Sandy Hook

A song by Cheryl Wheeler that says it all.

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