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“Debra is an emotionally powerful performer; just close your eyes and one of her ballads comes alive.”
Dave Palmater, WUMB 91.9 FM, Boston, MA


New Video

Utah Phillip’s “Goodnight Loving Trail” Performed at the Bothy Folk Club, Southport, UK March 23, 2014


March 2014 Newsletter

Debra’s March 2014 Newsletter: CD sale, a review of a recent John Roberts/Deb Cowan concert and more!


Happy Birthday, Oscar Brand!

Oscar Brand turns 94 today

Jan 25 at Noah Webster House Canceled

The two shows at Noah Webster House in West Hartford, CT scheduled for Jan. 25 have been canceled.

December 2013 Newsletter

Happy Holidays 2013-Discounts, a video and a blast from the past all contained herein

Fond Desire Farewell

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