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“Debra is an emotionally powerful performer; just close your eyes and one of her ballads comes alive.”
Dave Palmater, WUMB 91.9 FM, Boston, MA


May 2015 House Concerts

A couple of wonderful house concerts coming up this month


In For £1000 Out For A Penny 2015 UK Tour

The “In For £1000 Out For A Penny” 2015 UK Tour starts on 21 March in Ulverston!


Roberts & Cowan On The Road Again! OH, MI and IL

This week, John Roberts and I venture west in his sort-of-new Acura RX to perform in Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. We’ll be logging over 2800 and having a good time all the way. We will also be placating the weather deities so that our trip will be relatively uneventful. All concert details can be found […]


Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, etc

Some musings on winter. No, let’s be honest: I am complaining. Be sure to click on the pics for a better view.


Sunday At Woods Hole Folk Music Canceled

Performance at Woods Hole, MA this Sunday Feb. 15 has been CANCELED.

Photo by RL Geyer

Wise Words From a Wise Friend

Reggie Harris Speaks!

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