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Purchasing Blank Note Cards

Debra is now selling blank note cards here on the website. Each set comes with three 4″ x 7″ notecards with one of the photos below on each and an envelope. The cost is $5.00 and shipping is FREE!

Is there another photo that you might have seen on the website or on Debra’s social media? Let her know and she’ll custom make a card for you!

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Why Note Cards?

“In 2012, I bought a Canon All-In-One printer. It worked fine until January 2014, when it showed an error that said Contact Canon, which I did. Turned out that it would cost way more to fix the printer than I paid for it, so the thing got recycled. I needed a printer and purchased another. Yes, I got another Canon, and so far so good.

At the beginning of 2016, I received a notice that there was a class-action lawsuit regarding certain models of Canon All-In-One printers and the one I had purchased in 2012 was one. I signed on as a plaintiff to the lawsuit and when all the smoke cleared I was sent a document saying I could claim either $75 cash or a voucher for $75 in Canon ink. Since I had purchased another Canon printer, I went for the ink.

I ordered the ink, used the voucher and waited. It didn’t take long (amazing, eh?) and when the ink arrived, it arrived in a large box that was quite heavy.

Seems that because I purchased over $70 worth I was entitled to free stuff. That free stuff was 700 sheets of 4″ x 7″ photo paper and 40 sheets of 5″ x 7″ photo paper. This is in addition to the 150 sheets of 4″ x 7″ paper I already possess.”

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