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January 13, 2016

Stream of Consciousness

It’s a Mighty Wind out there and I am not talking about the movie. I do hope we don’t lose any more branches off of the red maple in the backyard. But then again, maybe it’s a self-pruning tree.

I go between hope and despair in this newest election cycle.  Reproductive Justice, Racial Justice, Social Justice, Gun Sense, Voting Rights, Climate Change, Worker’s Rights, Immigration. Hope that we’ll elect someone with the following qualities:

COMPASSION-EMPATHY-LOVE for our fellow humans

UI don’t see it on the other side. Thank you President Obama for trying. Sure I don’t agree with a lot of your policies (drone strikes, TPP, Keystone, etc) but overall you did well in spite of the doodyheads that stood in your way for the last seven years.

It must be winter. It’s cold. The photo is from last year. Snow.Feb15.2015

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